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Главная » 2008 » Декабрь » 9 » Mira Calix - The Elephant In The Room: 3 Commissions (2008)
Mira Calix - The Elephant In The Room: 3 Commissions (2008)

Artist..... Mira Calix
Title...... The Elephant in the Room 3 Commissions
Label...... Warp
Catalog.... WARPCD169
Rls Date... 16 11 2008
Genre...... Electronic
Subgenre... Abstract, Musique Concrete, Contemporary
Source..... WEB
Quality.... 320kbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Size....... 130,1 MB

01. Roundabout 04:42
02. Wedding List (Scene 4) 05:03
03. Bowling4strings 08:06
04. The Chord is Cut (Scene 6) 05:06
05. Memoryofamomentcertain 01:58
06. Memoryofamomentlost 04:12
07. Death Below (Scene 11) 04:32
08. Laine 10:12
09. A Ribbon Forgotten (Scene 12) 12:55


Release Notes

The Elephant In The Room is another collection of commissioned works from Mira
Calix, drawing together her work on the opera 'Elephant And Castle'
(commissioned by Aldeburgh Music, with a libretto by Blake Morrison),
'memoryofamoment' - an installation piece for cello, originally presented in
June this year, and 'Dead Wedding' which saw its premiere at the Manchester
International Festival. Hearing Chantal Passamonte's transition from electronica
producer to a purveyor of more formal, often very academically geared music has
been quite a revelation. Although her earliest work on 1998's Pin Skeeling was
distinctly more abstract than much of the IDM-fuelled material that was popular
at the time, few could have predicted Mira Calix could have become such a
precocious figure in modern electroacoustic composition, and her work with
classical musicians here is quite brilliant, merging electronics into more
organic and conventional instrumentation without sacrificing the beauty of the
performed element. Recommended.

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